Young European Federalists say citizens “chose change” in the European elections

, by Juuso Järviniemi

Young European Federalists say citizens “chose change” in the European elections
’Stop talking, get it done!’ Participants at a federalist demonstration outside the European Council meeting in June 2018. Photo: Juuso Järviniemi

In the European elections, the centre-right EPP and centre-left social democrats were the biggest losers, while liberals, nationalists and greens made gains. Despite being predicted to lose a total of over 70 seats even in the event that Brexit doesn’t happen, EPP and S&D are set to remain the two biggest groups in the European Parliament. However, the two major parties now need other groups’ cooperation in order to have a majority. Taken together, pro-European groups retain their sizeable majority in the European Parliament.

In a press release on Monday, the Young European Federalists (JEF-Europe) said that “citizens have chosen Europe, and they have chosen change”. The organisation said that of those who voted for alternatives to the major parties, a majority “voted for parties which promote a renewal of European democracy – a social, ecological and sovereign Europe”. It also pointed to the turnout in the elections, which reached the highest level since 1994.

The JEF-Europe President Christopher Glück urged the MEPs to embrace change: “If we, Europeans, and our elected representatives, don’t take daring steps towards deeper integration, others will take the opportunity to instigate regressive reforms.”

European federalists are set to continue their calls for change at a rally in front of the European Parliament as the new MEPs convene for their first plenary session in Strasbourg on 1 and 2 July.

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