My Experience in Belarus - commentaires My Experience in Belarus 2007-09-05T18:25:48Z 2007-09-05T18:25:48Z <p>Individual happiness is not directly linked to the level of development nor to the level of liberty : it is a state of mind. Of course, there can be happiness in the worst political regimes, especially if you value the « small pleasures ». What seems to have stroke the author of the article is how different - in a bad way - the country looks while most of eastern and central Europe is now developing with its new freedom and the triumph of market economy after decades of communist dictatorship. It is a shame that Belarus does not enjoy this trend.</p> My Experience in Belarus 2007-09-05T16:24:57Z 2007-09-05T16:24:57Z <p>I am belarussian living in uk. Of course belarussian people are not as priviliged as people in other countries, however we are HAPPY. Belarussians are kind, considerate and warm people. They value small pleasures in life.</p> <p>Maybe to the outsider it seems that if people live in such a city they must be unhappy, but you are mistaken. Of course they want a better quality of life but that does not mean they are sad and envious.</p> <p>Also, maybe if you tried to get to know belarussians instead of judging the bad architecture and infastructure of Minsk, your opinion would have been different.</p> <p>P.S. there is a slight exaggeration in the article</p>