The Youth Guarantee : Can it make an impact on youth unemployment ? - commentaires The Youth Guarantee : Can it make an impact on youth unemployment ? 2013-03-09T08:26:37Z,05610#comment16070 2013-03-09T08:26:37Z <p>Thank you Peter for the article : it is important to highlight also the positive steps taken by the EU and/or EU member states.</p> <p>I see at least to kinds of difficulties to this Youth Guarantee though.</p> <p><img src='' width="8" height="11" class="puce" alt="-" /> The EU member states have different systems for the registration of unemployed people : in some cases youngsters who just finished their studies are not considered unemployed if they do not register as such, because only those who had an employement and then lost it are considered unemployed. Therefore, it will be difficult for some states to implement this recommendation. <br /><img src='' width="8" height="11" class="puce" alt="-" /> The current crisis has shown that many member states have no money to spend on anything : linear cuts are affecting every sector of public spending, including education and research. How are member states supposed to implement the Youth Guarantee ? The first step in order to create jobs and to improve the qualification level of young people is to improve the education system, while currently there is an opposite trend.</p> <p>This is the reason why some federalist sections in the EU and many civil society organisations are supporting a European plan for sustainable development with the instrument of the ECI : an investment plan at the European level is needed in some specific sectors, in order to improve the quality of education, and to create new jobs. An investment at the EU level surely has a highest added value than at the state level.</p>