Enhanced Cooperation, the solution we’ve got ? - commentaires Enhanced Cooperation, the solution we've got ? 2010-04-15T06:44:38Z https://www.treffpunkteuropa.de/Enhanced-Cooperation-the-solution-we-ve-got#comment8253 2010-04-15T06:44:38Z <p>I love the title ;-)</p> Enhanced Cooperation, the solution we've got ? 2010-04-14T23:33:17Z https://www.treffpunkteuropa.de/Enhanced-Cooperation-the-solution-we-ve-got#comment8251 2010-04-14T23:33:17Z <p>« Ironically, it is with divorce that the first enhanced cooperation should be established. » :)</p> <p>This path was to be expected maybe, since different legal traditions blocked progress on this issue. Same goes for pensions, i guess. Curious how Britain and others look at this.</p> Enhanced Cooperation, the solution we've got ? 2010-04-14T12:51:30Z https://www.treffpunkteuropa.de/Enhanced-Cooperation-the-solution-we-ve-got#comment8250 2010-04-14T12:51:30Z <p>“Some critics said that enhanced cooperation will create a two-speed Europe or “a Europe within Europe”. ”</p> <p>But perhaps a two-speed Europe is just what we need ? What's the point of keeping everybody on board if that means giving up any realistic prospect of having a genuine federalism.</p> <p>Thje problem with enhanced cooperations is not that it creates a two-speed Europe. The problem is that of a MULTI-speed Europe, or Europe à la carte, which totally lacks the simplicity and legibility required to make it understandable by the citizens. What we need is not a Europe of enhanced cooperations, but rather an EU of concentric circles, with a genuine European Federation at the centre.</p>