Départ de Tony Blair : la fin d’un engagement européen très… britannique - commentaires Départ de Tony Blair : la fin d'un engagement européen très… britannique 2007-06-30T08:23:37Z https://www.treffpunkteuropa.de/Depart-de-Tony-Blair-la-fin-d-un-engagement-europeen-tres-britannique,01526#comment2605 2007-06-30T08:23:37Z <p>Hey Arnaud, I think the last line of your article is perhaps a good indication of what is to come. Ideologically, it is important to recognise Blair's pro European efforts. Compared to his predecessors, Blair caused very little disruption at the European bargain table and did try to change attitudes towards the EU in the UK (with marginal success). Blair was pro Euro, pro Constitution (in 2004)and had many interesting ideas for European institutional reform - such as the creation of a European senate. The problem was, that everyone around Blair - Brown included, the British press, and the vast majority of the English population were not as passionate.</p> <p>So actually, we shouldn't really complain about Blair at all when we think of Major, Thatcher and the rest. And the future remains uncertain, since Brown does not hold strong opinions on Europe and tends to lead a European policy of indifference. It is unlikely that Brown will be particularly hostile towards Europe, but eqaully, he will not go to Brussels with open arms. So to be honest, I think we'll miss him !</p>