Let’s rejoice in the formation of an anti-European alliance!

, by Ferghane Azihari, Translated by Nelly Tsekova

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Let's rejoice in the formation of an anti-European alliance!

While the European elections are approaching fast, it is with great joy that I learned of the birth of a large pan-European project alliance of major anti-European political parties initiated by the National Front of Marine Le Pen and the Dutch Party of freedom’s Geert Wilders. I send them my most sincere congratulations. Here is why.

Europhobes are becoming transnational : this is promising!

It is great that even the anti-European parties engage in an intercultural dialogue. Together they can talk about their hatred of foreigners. Together they can talk about their affections for the nation-state. One can easily imagine their dialogues: “Marine, I love France as long as there are borders between our two countries” and vice versa. There are enough similarities between these movements so that they can unite.

Islamophobia, the rejection of the inherent cosmopolitanism in the European project, the defense of Western civilization which would be threatened by inferior cultures... I wish the National Front to flourish out of the Franco- French xenophobia to discover hatred the Belgian, Austrian or Dutch way, and become familiar with the intellectual diversity of our old continent. So they can defeat the arguments of those who unfairly criticize their narrow-mindedness.

Because europhobes go beyond the idea of a consubstantial democracy with the Nation

George Soros with his theory of reflexivity highlights one of the main differences between the exact sciences and the social sciences. In the latter, the beliefs influence the functioning of objects that they study. Regardless of what we think of the functioning of the atoms, it is not influenced by the human perception. However, when shouting from the rooftops that democratic coexistence with an individual of a foreign culture is impossible, then obviously it is difficult to apply the post and transnational democratic theories. But the reverse is also true.

Now they (the europhobes) who have always refused to accept the idea of a transnational democracy, are trying to bow down to what was obvious: the democratic method is transposable to the European context. There is not a gene in the French DNA inhibiting political convergence with a stranger, whether Dutch, Belgian or Austrian. Any possible repulsion is actually psychological and / or cultural. But in this case the europhobes exceed themselves, which contributes to the dissemination of the idea of a transnational democracy in public opinion. This effort should be noted, even if the integrity of the ideas still has to be fought.

Because other political parties have an additional pressure.

If the European extreme right is well organized, then one can expect that other formations realize they do not have the right to make mistakes and they will do the same. Because europhobes take a very anti- European discourse, their opponents will be encouraged to develop an argument which focuses on European and non- national issues since it is the existence of Europe that is at stake. The consistency of the Eurosceptic wave becomes an opportunity for us, pro-Europeans, to strike back by proposing policy innovations in the European project. But this is not an excuse to conclude that the campaign should be reduced to a pro versus anti -European division. No.

The parties must be able to offer a multitude of possible visions , whether progressive or conservative , to give people the opportunity to choose among the many ideologies working our old continent in the inherent democracy pluralism.

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