Happy birthday Europe! We believe in you.

, by Drenusha Suka

Happy birthday Europe! We believe in you.

A week ago, where was I? Let me tell you:

May 3, 2016 - half past two in the afternoon.

Sitting on a bench by the historical Town hall of Bremen. Looking at the people around me. Children, teenagers, students, adults and elders. All representing the charming, adventures, old and memorable streets of Bremen. Here I am. A Norwegian, European, Kosovar, young woman. Dreaming about the future of Europe.

What will the future of Europe look like? I know it’s a cliché question to ask lately. Especially after all the headlines of crises in Europe. You might think there is no hope for young Europeans. All of a sudden, a strong light hits my chin. A bright beam of sunlight. The light of hope in between the clouds and rainy weather. Typical Northern climate on an early day in May.

The rain was not reaching me, as I was sitting under a roof. But the wind of the rain was sneaking in my bones as I had left my white spring coat open. My long and thin fingers were typing my thoughts and emotions on the notes application on the phone. As I still was warm, because of the sunlight on my face. Thinking, if I was in Bremen 200 years ago I would have typed on a typewriter. While I am now typing on an iPhone 6. Still typing the emotions of my heart beating fast, because of all the impressions from the discussions the day before. This feeling together with the light of the sun. I knew that there was no reason to worry about the future of Europe. Because here we were. Young people of Norway, Denmark and Germany. Talking. Discussing.

The theme for discussion was young unemployment and right wing populism. As you read the theme for discussion I would think you have to “Google” the words, I had to. And if you are a reader from Northern-Europe, these themes have barely been mentioned in the headlines. But there we were, discussing the terms and issues. Comparing and concluding our tasks for the future.

You might consider me naive, and I might be. I am, however, not alone then. I am young, energetic, idealistic, and I am proud of it. We travel long hours by bus, train, plane. In day and night, with little money and sleep, in order to cross borders and discuss important issues.

Isn’t that what the European Union is all about? To be a platform of tools where we can discuss our nations issues together, and solve them together. To discuss them before a crisis occur. If they ever do again, we have to remain open to discussion. Talk, and find solutions together. Who is responsible for that? Well, the answer is that we are, as young Europeans. We have to be a step ahead. A generation ahead. Stick together in thick and thin. To be mature and talk about the big words and issues.

I believe that Europe has never been more mature then now. When did I realize that? I did whilst in Bremen, the famous city of the fairy tale of the Brothers Grimm, the town Musicians. You might even hear the rooster play music in the early mornings, just like in the fairy tale.

The people I met in Bremen confirmed my belief in Europe. The reason why we work with maintaining Europe. We are mature enough. Most of us are bilingual and multicultural. We all have a passion for Europe. We represent the Europe of tomorrow, and we are not afraid to talk about the big ideas. We are eager to learn from each other, and inform everyone else. We are open, tolerant, and ready for crises to hit us. This is because we are strong together. And if you think I am wrong, something I am not, Europe was made out of crises. It has survived many ups and downs over 64 years, and it will continue to survive future issues, and difficulties. That is what makes us Europe. Able to handle anything, united in diversity.

So Europe, if you wonder where the youth are. We are in Bremen, Oslo, Aalborg, Paris, Rome, Brussels and all the other cities of Europe. Happy birthday Europe! We believe in you.


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