Christmas greetings from the editorial team: Our wishlist for Christmas and 2019

, by TNF Editorial Board

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Christmas greetings from the editorial team: Our wishlist for Christmas and 2019
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The festive season is ready to start, and it’s time for wishlists. Inspired by an initiative by our German sister edition, Treffpunkt Europa, editorial team members of The New Federalist share their personal wishlists for Christmas, and their wishes for Europe for the year 2019.

What do you wish for Europe in the year 2019?

Radu: Christmas in Europe has long been about two things – the biting cold and family. While we’ve vanquished the first hundreds of years ago, dealing with the second still proves tricky, as many of us are reminded during the family dinner, and the European family still has its obvious differences. So in 2019, I wish that Europe comes together as a family. This means integration, acceptance, and progress.

Juuso: I hope that next year the establishment gets out of its comfort zone. It’s clear that Europe needs change. What I wish is that pro-Europeans step up to provide that change – that in 2019, the Eurosceptic parties will no longer be the only ones who can present an alternative to today’s broken EU.

Eleonora: I hope 2019 will be the beginning of a new European Union: of a democratic and inclusive Europe for all people – not only for European citizens. Unfortunately I believe the Eurosceptic parties will grow. This is why European action and resistance is necessary!

Lorène: In 2019, I wish that EU citizens will get interested in the European elections and in the European project, that they will go to the polls, and that populist and far-right parties will stop their progression. In any case, I wish that the European civil society will continue raising awareness, that European rights and values will be firmly defended, and that the EU will manage to become closer to the citizens! And I also wish that Brexit won’t happen.

Dylan: In 2019, I hope that Europe becomes more ambitious and moves past the seemingly continuous crisis management which has consumed Europe for the entirety of my adult life. That we become world leaders in climate action, that every country reaches their climate goals. I hope that European leaders show real leadership and, after Brexit, to look towards the future and push for reform of Europe. Reform that will touch people’s lives and get people active and involved with the European project again! I hope that the elections will be fought not on national issues, but issues of a European nature that need European solutions.

Maddie: I hope that Europe will move beyond nationally-minded infighting over refugees and that member states can work together to welcome people in need of help. I hope Europe will address the problems which are leading people to question its purpose and values and do a better job in ensuring people and regions are not being “left behind”. I hope Europe will take steps to better educate its citizens about its organisation, funding, the work it does and even its raison d’être, as all this information has been somewhat lost in mixed messages from national governments and the media. Through this education I hope that as European citizens we can remind ourselves why we are striving to create a better and stronger European project.

Veronika: For the EU, I wish that its citizens become more aware of the reasons why we ended up in such a union. I also hope the EU institutions find a way to communicate more effectively with their target groups.

Fernando: For 2019 I wish but one thing: high participation in the elections so we can have a Parliament that represents all of us and that realises the amazing potential of the institution.

Bastian: I wish for European leaders to realise how serious the challenges of our times are, that they finally tackle climate change and security threats as one and in unity, and that they truly embrace Europe as the way forward.

Maria: In 2019, I wish democracy, equality and freedom to all European citizens!

What’s on your personal wishlist for Christmas and the new year?

Radu: Personally, I hope I can be there to witness the process of coming together as a family and help out along the way. It has been and always will be my honour to work for Europe.

Juuso: During the holidays I’m hoping to do some language learning. I’m also hoping to have a moment to think about the upcoming spring: the elections are coming up, my Erasmus in Paris will continue and I have to start figuring out where to go after graduation!

Eleonora: During holidays I’d like to improve my Arabic. I’m also waiting some answers for applications! Fingers crossed!

Lorène: On my 2019 wish list: learning Italian and visiting more European countries!

Dylan: Over Christmas, I hope to improve my languages a little bit and to send some applications for summer work!

Maddie: Personal wish list: All I want for Christmas is EU (cheesey but true). Hoping for a People’s Vote which could see Britain remain. I also hope to work in a new EU country and keep cycle touring across borders!

Veronika: My personal wishes are to improve my French and Polish, stumble upon lots of unexpected knowledge and to get a job in journalism that I’d enjoy doing.

Fernando: On my 2019 wish list is to move back to Brussels at some point!

Bastian: I hope for my Brussels adventure to continue in 2019!

Maria: I wish to find a new job opportunity, travel and discover new places!

What about you? What are you expecting from the year 2019, and what would you like to see on The New Federalist? Share your thoughts in the comment section on our site or on our Facebook page. We wish you a merry Christmas!

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