Marc Nikolov

A graduate in International Relations from King’s College London, Marc has specialised in Russian foreign policy. He has lived in Bulgaria, Hungary, France, the UK, Germany, and is now studying EU international relations at the College of Europe in Bruges.

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The European Union, Russia, Europe, and the necessary reset

The recent events that occurred in Ukraine – the Russian invasion of the Donbass region and the Crimean referendum on joining the Russian Federation in 2014 – have resulted in Russia and the EU imposing sanctions on one another, heralding, some would have it, a “new cold war”. Russia is presented, in the EU and in the West more broadly, as a revisionist, expansionist and authoritarian power that oscillates between “progress” in terms of democracy and alignment with our interests on the one hand, and a “return” backwards to its old demons. Even worse, Russia is said to be attempting to “revive the Soviet Union”.

Tuesday 9 August 2016

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