Marc Nikolov

Diplômé de King’s College London en Relations Internationales, Marc s’intéresse particulièrement aux relations extérieures de l’UE et à sa diplomatie, ainsi qu’à l’identité et la politique étrangère de la Russie. Il a vécu en Bulgarie, en Hongrie, en France, au Royaume-Uni et en Allemagne. Il étudie les relations internationales de l’UE au Collège d’Europe, à Bruges.

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The European Union, Russia, Europe, and the necessary reset

The recent events that occurred in Ukraine – the Russian invasion of the Donbass region and the Crimean referendum on joining the Russian Federation in 2014 – have resulted in Russia and the EU imposing sanctions on one another, heralding, some would have it, a “new cold war”. Russia is presented, in the EU and in the West more broadly, as a revisionist, expansionist and authoritarian power that oscillates between “progress” in terms of democracy and alignment with our interests on the one hand, and a “return” backwards to its old demons. Even worse, Russia is said to be attempting to “revive the Soviet Union”.

mardi 9 août 2016

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