World Federalism as a Catalyst for Human Evolution - part II

, by Ben Freeman

World Federalism as a Catalyst for Human Evolution - part II

In the second part of this essay the author analyses the effects of the proposed UN Security Council reform from Part I by comparing and projecting the shift of power given by the nation-states to the EU on a global scale, which would ultimately lead to “perpetual peace”.

The Way to Do It

If we in the world federalist movement could find a way to motivate one peace loving, thoughtful and well respected Foreign Minister to officially propose a realistic compromise for Security Council empowerment, most non P-5 nations would probably go along. At that point, the world’s religious leaders, peace movements and other well known people of goodwill would help generate media coverage and high positive polling numbers. This would motivate holdout governments to join the emerging bandwagon for peace.

Prognosis of future development

Within a decade after a compromise Security Council empowerment plan was implemented, most people would realize that there is no reason to waste huge sums of money on arms in a world where the UN was protecting every nation’s security. This would make it possible to negotiate a global disarmament treaty of unprecedented proportions. Within a few decades, this process would lead to fulfillment of the Biblical prophecy that “nations will beat their swords into ploughshares; neither shall they learn the art of war anymore.”

As the results of global warming become more evident and an empowered UN has proven its ability to “keep the peace,” most people will be ready to empower the UN or other international bodies to prevent a catastrophic increase in planetary temperatures. After an empowered UN ends war and begins to solve the problem of global warming, the fear of giving the UN more powers to deal with global issues will dissipate.

Just as the EU has been given the power to oversee and coordinate action on issues that involve more than one European country, the UN and related international agencies will eventually be given the power to oversee and coordinate action on many issues that involve more than one country.

Because “necessity is the mother of invention,” the need to survive and prosper in the post-technological age will provide the underlying motivation for humanity to move towards world federalism.

Replacing “us versus them” with a truly cooperative way of thinking will be both a cause and an effect of moving towards world federalism. Einstein was correct when he stated that the “inevitable” alternative to “changing our way of thinking” is “unparalleled catastrophe.” Therefore, post-modern humanity has sufficient motivation to develop a new “way of thinking” based on universal brotherhood and all people working cooperatively towards mutually advantageous goals.

A new world order?

Moving towards world federalism will be inextricably interwoven with overcoming our fear of strangers and our desire to achieve victory at other peoples’ expense. This process will help move all humans towards unification in brotherhood and sisterhood. After eons of living in hominoid bodies that have experienced the pain that results from playing what Buddha derisively called “the game of victory and defeat,” our souls and collective unconscious can see the practical advantages associated with living a more nurturing and fulfilling life based on universal love and compassion. We will be ready to “harvest” the “fully grown plant” of universal loving compassion that Jesus, Buddha and others planted as “seeds” in our mind/soul personalities so many centuries ago.

The divine soul that is our inner core personality has always yearned for a more cooperative and loving world based on universal compassion. Hence, the transition from “me versus you” and “us versus them” will accelerate exponentially once most of us realize that we no longer have to live in a world based on predatory selfishness. Just as it is only necessary to push one domino to make thousands fall if they are properly lined up, the objective conditions that favour world federalism mean that the first serious attempt to work cooperatively to empower the UN to replace “might makes right” could quickly lead to a more globally cooperative world order and attitude.

As objective conditions make it possible for our souls to achieve more fulfilling states of bonding and unity, we will begin our technologically generated metamorphosis from predatory tool wielding animals to a cooperative collective of angels. We will begin to find our way home to Christ’s “kingdom,” Buddhist “nirvana,” Qu’ranic “paradise” and, eventually, heaven.

This article was originally published in the November 2006 edition of The Federalist Debate, Papers for Federalists in Europe and the World.


* United Nations map, source:Wikimedia.


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