What is really happening in Belarus? - Day 7

The truth will never be defeated

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What is really happening in Belarus? - Day 7

Peaceful and calm Christmas day produced not so much update messages on the situation. Starting morning we saw searches starting every single hour. Apartments and offices of detained persons were searched by KGB officers looking for evidences of “counter-government activity”. Looks like there are no proofs for groundless charges and investigators are getting nervous.

The night between 19 and 20 December has changed the whole my country and thus the whole world which did not remain indifferent. We know too much how to hate our enemies, and now we start to learn how to love our friends. When love becomes stronger than hate, the good will overcome the bad, and we will no longer have enemies at all. Not because all bad persons will disappear, but because we will no longer hate them. Those who learned how to love ones friends, become indifferent to enemies, those who learned how to hate the enemies, are indifferent to friends. This is the idea we achieved during this harsh days, and maybe this outcome is worth the pain and sufferings we had.

Ordinary people are waiting in lines for the turn to handle the aid to the inmates.

the 5-minutes Youtube shows this very clearly


even without comments, although the language is very melodic :)

No more pictures needed to illustrate the feelings, I am just giving the link to full yesterday’s article which lost some formatting while publishing. Here it is.


More updates to come tomorrow.

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  • On 4 January 2011 at 10:35, by Utkonos Replying to: What is really happening in Belarus? - Day 7

    Where are you our friend? I pray you are well. I wish you and all your loved ones and fellow supporters of democracy a Happy New Year and much love and support from all around the world. Iranian friends especially wish to to convey their solidarity with you!

     John S. Burke

    Sunnyvale, California, USA

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