What is really happening in Belarus? - Day 6

New hopes and expectations

, by Anonymous

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What is really happening in Belarus? - Day 6

I am so much inspired by the feedback I receive on my letters, and more generally on developments happening close to me. From the first minutes I did not hesitate to act, so now I have replies to my letters, articles and monitoring results for internal and external news. All replies are full of support and respect, and now also with Christmas greetings. This is so touching as from now on we could never remain indifferent to others. It is like magic air of sympathy is being born by us and directed to those most innocent and vulnerable.

A story published last evening shocked me tremendously as I recognised I have met this girl before. She had to move from one apartment to another and I took a few bags she had by my car.

This 25-year old girl came to hospital with typical set of injuries: head wound, hematoma, nape wound. Yes, she was stroked in the eye by fist wearing metallic gloves and then in the nape, were unable to stand up for three days, and then was taken to court and sentenced to 10 more days in prison.

Now you can compare what is it like to appear, as they say, “in the wrong place in the wrong time”.

While the whole world is shouting for mercy the man without heart still promises to “find and punish everyone involved”.

With the fact that lawyer is still not allowed to see one of the detained president candidates, no one can assure that he is alive. This man, Vladimir Neklyaev, is 64 years old and he was definitely exhausted with intense election campaign. I recall my own feelings after three days standing in a picket and collecting signatures, even this required significant efforts, so what candidate can feel after complete campaign. And then he suffered brutal attack and kidnapping.

And similar vision again makes similar impression.

This treatment and condition clearly shows how the authorities percept the idea of equality. And again, no one can confirm he’s alive although five days passed already.

Other inmates detained for “counter-government action” have their detention prolonged for one more week, so the miracle of freedom still can happen before this year ends!

Along with this I feel that Christmas eve inspires my spirit and I will have some more hours to rest.

Let’s the miracle happen tonight!

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