Taurillon 2.0

Le Taurillon launches a new website
for its 750.000 visitors!

The version 2.0 is here!

, by The editorial board of Le Taurillon

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Le Taurillon launches a new website for its 750.000 visitors!

Le Taurillon, the online federalist magazine presenting news about Europe and edited by the Young European Federalists, has reached 750 000 visitors. To celebrate this event, we kindly invite you to discover our new website.

Launched after the campaign for the ratification of the Constitutional Treaty in 2005, Le Taurillon experienced a very fast growth with more than 60 000 visitors per month. Le Taurillon and its team of volunteers offer 4 linguistic versions today (English, French, German and Italian) and a glance at the European actuality which is meant to be innovative and committed.

A new website

With this new website we offer you a clearer and simpler presentation of the articles. Now, it is possible to give a mark to articles or to put your own picture to the comments at the end. The homepage also enables you to have a general look at the website and to the last articles published in each linguistic version.

Le Taurillon has published 1300 articles online written by 300 volunteers coming from all over Europe, 700 short news and more than 2000 public messages. The French version publishes articles on a daily basis, thenewfederalist.eu (its EN version) twice per week and the other versions according to their abilities and needs. This collective richness enables us to offer the reader a committed and multicultural vision of European topics.

A federalist and committed website that works!

Le Taurillon is therefore a tool to better understand the assets of the European Union. If information and pedagogy are important and present in all of our articles, the capacity to offer a point of view corresponds to a complementary request from our readers: a committed and European analysis of actuality.

To manage to reach out to more than 60 000 visitors per month with European topics is a success that places Le Taurillon in a very good position among internet sites dedicated to European affairs and the emerging world of European blogosphere.

The Young European Federalists are very proud of this communication and information tool towards the citizens. So please come and discover this website that offers you an analysis of the ongoing debates on the future of Europe!

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  • On 1 February 2008 at 14:59, by Damien R-M. Replying to: Le Taurillon launches a new website
    for its 750.000 visitors!

    I don´t want to seem like a conservative prick, but I miss the left-hand-side banner to select all languages or only one... This website version lacks navigability I think. Other than that, of course, we are all more than happy that the Taurillon has reached 750,000 visitors! Any big party planned for 1,000,000?

    Je ne veux pas paraître conservateur, mais la bannière sur la gauche qui nous permettait de choisir toutes les langues ou une seule me manque... cette version du site manque de navigabilité je trouve. Sinon, bien sûr, nous sommes tous heureux que le Taurillon ait reçu 750.000 visiteurs. Vous avez prévu une fête pour le millionième visiteur?

  • On 1 February 2008 at 15:05, by Fabien Cazenave Replying to: Le Taurillon launches a new website
    for its 750.000 visitors!

    Thanks for your message. We have make the choice to make one page by language with the possibility to see the last articles on the last version... We hope you will appreciate the possibility to vote for an article !

    Merci de votre message. Nous avons fait le choix de faire une page par langue avec la possibilité de voir les derniers articles des différentes versions.... Nous espérons que vous apprécierez la possibilité de voter pour un article !

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