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Defining the political project for Europe

, by JEF Secretariat

Defining the political project for Europe

Just few days before European Council’s meeting, the Young European Federalists remember auspices created by Franco-German Statement signed last 30th May and emphasize the following. We welcome initiatives for growth, youth employment and we restate the need for a plan for sustainable development taking into account the diverse needs of society in this time of crisis.

Furthermore we welcome the impulse and the will of France and Germany to cooperate in the Eurozone political consolidation through greater cooperation in fiscal and economic policy. It also welcomes the initiatives launched for the Eurozone cohesion, to ensure solidarity among the members of the monetary union. Although JEF welcomes the increased involvement of the European Parliament in decision-making proposed by the French and German heads of state and government to further legitimize the measures taken to combat the crises, we highlight the inadequacy and doubt the effectiveness of the described measures and deplore that no concrete ways of involving the European Parliament are mentioned.

“I don’t know what more frequent meetings and a full-time President of the Eurogroup can add to the European Economic Government. To overcome Sovereign Debt Crisis, save Single currency and ensure growth we need a clear political initiative by the National leaders” - says Niklas Kramer, JEF-Europe Federal Committee Member.”In a time where we need a strong political willingness in order to achieve a European political Union and an ambitious agenda, we can expect much more from the French-German partnership“affirms Aurélien Caron, President of JEF-France.”In terms of future generations and social tensions all over Europe, we appreciate that youth unemployment is mentioned as first and most important priority. If this is to become a success story, I call our heads of state and government to vote an ambitious, a real European budget instead of what they are currently negotiating.

Further short term and ad hoc decisions that Merkel and Hollande mention in their paper are not the solution." states Daniel Matteo, president of JEF Germany. Coping with the crisis requires – among others – a new constituent initiative which should lead to more integrated and democratic governance of the European Union, at least, however, for the Euro area.

"It’s necessary to deal with the crisis of effectiveness and legitimacy through a coherent policy proposal, building a true supranational democracy. The mere intergovernmental coordination can never replace the full power of a federal government accountable by a sovereign parliament,” says Carlo Maria Palermo, Member of the Executive Board of JEF-Europe.

JEF-Europe believes that Economic, Political and Fiscal consolidation can be guaranteed just by the creation of a proper budget for the Eurozone. This is the first step to achieve the Political, Fiscal, Economic and Banking Unions. “One year before the European elections, JEF calls all Member States, the institutions, in particular the European Parliament and the European political parties to define a political project for the forthcoming European elections and to consider a new Convention to achieve the historical goal of the European Federation” concludes Pauline Gessant, President of JEF-Europe.

Joint Declaration by JEF-Europe, JE-France, JEF-Deutschland

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