200,000 visitors at Le Taurillon

The adventure continues...

, by Peter Matjašič

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200,000 visitors at Le Taurillon

On January 16th, Le Taurillon, the multilingual federalist online magazine passed the threshold of 200,000 readers since its inception, in November 2005.

The visits are shooting up exponentially, with a current monthly average of 30,000- 40,000. Most articles are in French, but the English Version (thenewfederalist. eu) and the Italian one (Eurobull.it) are on a constant rise.

And since Monday 15th, at the occasion of the German presidency, JEF France has decided, in agreement with JEF-Austria, JEF-Germany, and JEF-Switzerland, to launch a German version of Taurillon: Taurin which you can access from the main page.


The Editorial boards of each language version constantly seek contributors AND translators. En particulier si vous êtes des personnes ayant pour langue maternelle l’anglais, l’allemand,le français, l’italien ou l’allemand et que vous pratiquez une autre de ces langues, votre contribution pour les corrections ou les traductions seront accueillies avec grande joie.

For further information get in touch with the Editors-in-Chief.

For thenewfederalist.eu: peter.matjasic at taurillon.org [EN]

For le Taurillon: fabiencazenave01 at yahoo.fr [FR]

For Eurobull: fede_brunelli at yahoo.it [IT]

For Taurin: emmanuelvallens at gmx.net [DE]

Be part of a great adventure! Help spread federalist thinking on the web!

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